UltraAdmin ® Network & Windows Security Software

UltraAdmin ® has provided the convenience and functionality of a centralized domain administration tool for networks across the globe since 1999. Enhancements in UltraAdmin 6 are in direct response to the evolving daily priorities of Microsoft Windows 2000 , 2003 , XP and NT domain administration and the management of Active Directory.

And, now, Dorian Software Creations, Inc. is offering UltraAdmin to Windows administrators at no charge. The release of UltraAdmin 6 includes the following major enhancements:

Full compatibility with Windows Server ® 2008 , Windows Vista ™, Windows Server 2003 , Windows XP ®, and Windows 2000 ®.
Integrated LogRefiner ™ technology for expanded event log viewing capability: UltraAdmin now supports viewing, filtering, and saving active / saved event logs both in EVT and EVTX formats. LogRefiner technology is exclusively available from Dorian Software Creations, Inc.
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These capabilities are all in addition to the features and functionality that have made UltraAdmin a leader in Active Directory management and domain management. Those include:

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Anti-Spyware Tools and Startup Program Management

Directly view the properties of the executable file or .DLL on the target workstation in Windows Explorer
Directly view the properties of service and device executables in Windows Explorer
Adjust the Access Control List of the file to prevent its execution or load
Remove the registry entries associated with the file
Remove the file itself
Remotely reboot the system after modifications are made
Report on/Export startup objects and files on certain machines using the built-in UltraAdmin Reporter
Consequently, UltraAdmin actually enables administrators to surgically remove various startup programs and suspected malware components one-by-one, rather than take the riskier “shotgun blast” approach of many anti-spyware software packages.

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New Organizational Unit Targeting
The UltraAdmin Windows security and administration software can now be configured to target a specific OU, so that individual OU administrators can zero in on information for only those users, groups, computers, and other objects they are responsible for within a larger domain. When in “OU Mode,” UltraAdmin only retrieves and displays objects within that OU. However, full Domain Administrators can still manage all objects in the entire domain as required.

Group Policy Management
UltraAdmin enables the administrator to easily invoke the Microsoft Group Policy Editor to tweak the policies linked to various objects in the domain. Furthermore, administrators can quickly view what policy or combination of policies is affecting a particular user or computer account. In addition, admins can also link or unlink specific policies to domains and OUs in the portion of the Windows network they control using the Linked Group Policy Objects Dialog in UltraAdmin.

Immediate Exports and Reports of Object Information
The UltraAdmin Reporter can be easily accessed to export and report on various object properties with the click of a button. Conveniently report on such objects as shares, user accounts, and group accounts without abandoning a specific dialog or view.

Domain Object Reporting – Ships with a domain object reporter, enabling administrators to quickly and easily produce detailed reports on objects in a domain, such as user accounts, groups, computers, installed software, and more. This easy-to-implement reporting capability is a perfect fit in broader network security, server security, and general computer security strategies. UltraAdmin features expanded reporting options building on already advanced domain object reporting capabilities.

Event Log Support – An internal Windows event log viewer ships with UltraAdmin, allowing administrators to quickly examine and filter for events in their active and saved event logs. In addition, this can work alongside Dorian Software Creations’ other event management software to provide a robust solution for log management.

If you have more comprehensive log management needs – that go beyond keeping basic tabs on just the security event log, for example – be sure to check out our other log file management titles. Whether still working with log stores from an old NT event log or moving to the latest EVTX format found in Vista and Windows Server 2008, Dorian Software offers the only patent pending approach to total event management.

Messaging, Shutdown/Restart, Multi-Tasking Capabilities

Full Active Directory Management Support Including:
All Windows 2000 group scopes, types, and members.
All Windows 2000 user account properties.
All Windows 2000 computer account properties.
All Active Directory contacts.
All Active Directory file shares.
All Active Directory printers.
All Active Directory organizational units

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Organizational Unit View – Easily view Active Directory’s hierarchy of Organizational Units and Containers. Drag-and-drop support makes moving objects between containers a snap. Furthermore, it’s easy to add and edit new objects to a particular organizational unit. Of course, you can still manage Active Directory objects by object (such as all user accounts, group accounts, contacts) as opposed to using the Organizational Unit View.

Manual Configuration of Domains – UltraAdmin can be configured to work with only the domains and domain controllers (Active Directory Servers) you choose using the Domain Configuration Dialog

Task Scheduler Integration – UltraAdmin works with the Task Scheduler service on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP machines allowing you to schedule commands remotely.

For additional technical support needs as well as use of UltraAdmin without additional click-through screens, we offer the UltraAdmin Platinum Package for just $99.

For additional information on UltraAdmin, visit its dedicated information site at www.ultraadmin.com.