Dorian’s Total Event Log Management Solution: Patented Network Auditing and Forensics

Unlike other approaches to event log and syslog management, our suite of solutions enables you to determine what best fits your network’s needs. Working independently or together as a suite – Event Archiver ®, Event Alarm ®, Event Analyst ®, and Event Rover ® are powerful event log management software tools for networks of all sizes.

If auditing requirements mandate that you must maintain a collection of saved logs, or if you simply want to automate the clearing and warehousing of all your log data over time, choose Event Archiver.

If you need to monitor your logs or syslog data for certain types of activity in real-time, or if you only want to collect certain types of events in a database, choose Event Alarm.

If you need a powerful tool to filter, export, and then report both automatically or manually on your log data from a variety of sources, choose Event Analyst.

Finally, Event Rover can be used as an on-the-fly event log tool for forensics convenient for routine log data viewing and mining. Rover is the perfect tool for simplifying repeated log review and sorting. Think of Event Rover as a more robust alternative to the standard Windows event viewer.

Or, choose them all for an amazingly cost effective Total Event Log Management Solution – the only patented approach to managing event logs . . . and kiss the old standard event viewer goodbye.

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Event Log Software and Tools for Building Your Log Data Strategy

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