Dorian’s Network Security Software Support Center

Dorian Software offers free e-mail based support to the registered owners and evaluators of all Dorian titles – from our event log monitor and notification solution, Event Alarm, to our Event Analyst software for event log reports. Our Support Library contains documentation on all of our network security titles including our event log reporting software and agent optional event log auditing and monitoring applications.

From the Dorian Software Development Team Blog:

  • Why Can’t A Windows Server 2008 or Vista Log Be Viewed On My XP Machine?
  • Event Alarm Monitors EVT and EVTX Logs, Side-By-Side!
  • Why Your HR Department Will Love Windows Vista, Even If Your IT Department Doesn’t.

To assist you in discovering answers to any of your questions, we encourage you to first search our Knowledge Base so that you can build on the experience of other Dorian Software users and our technical team members.

Finally, select the “Technical Inquiries” link below to begin a support session with our team – this is the fastest and most efficient way to contact our support team and resolve software and installation related problems.

This form also serves as a bug report form – we realize that the issue you are experiencing may prove to be a bug in one of our network utilities or log management software. Therefore, we ask that you provide as much information as possible so that we can better serve you and our larger family of customers and event log software users.

Finally, existing Gold and Platinum Support Service customers and those evaluating our software for possible future use may contact our support team by phone at 678-444-4269.

For questions about the scope of our technical support, read the Dorian Software Support Policy.

You may have been referred to a “General Application Questions” button on this page – this has been updated with the “Technical Inquiries” button above.