Our Windows Event Log Software, Domain Management, and Network Security Tools Deliver Quick ROI

Scott faced a dilemma. He already had more than 300 servers and two were being added weekly. New server security requirements placed on his organization required the archiving of six months of Windows event log data – not just security event log data. That in itself was a challenge, not to mention expanding log file storage requirements to consider. Furthermore, to complicate matters, his team’s highly secure environment utilized server hardening processes which prohibited the necessary network access usually required for such a robust event log audit and collection solution.

Given today’s ever growing list of requirements and tasks on network security professionals’ desktops, you or someone on your team no doubt identifies with the demands placed on Scott. Add to this the additional pressure of keeping costs down and displaying ROI (and displaying it soon).

If this scenario is familiar, you know that your organization is often asking you to deliver the features of a high-end luxury sports car on a budget better suited for public transportation. Network security professionals realize that it requires more than just the Windows event viewer to accomplish comprehensive log management. And, if the tasks were to be accomplished manually instead, rarely would management offer the funding to add more staff.

Demands like these do put IT professionals at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to accomplishing necessary tasks. There is an easy solution – Scott implemented Event Archiver ®, our flagship software. This event log collection and audit solution provides the level of flexibility, automation and quick rollout that the job requires. He was also able to leverage Dorian Software’s volume discounts to stay within his budget while putting an enterprise level solution immediately to work.

Can’t you imagine a similar log collection or other network security software solution for yourself? Look to Dorian Software Creations for reliable event log auditing and reporting software and event log monitoring strategies by exploring these network security titles.

Our Windows Network Security Software Titles

From active directory management with UltraAdmin to our event log auditing and reporting and event log monitoring software, Dorian Software covers the spectrum of your network security needs without the exorbitant costs of bloated enterprise management consoles. The quality of Dorian Software has been proven again and again with a solid development history and numerous accolades from the network computing and security industries. Our Windows security software can be used as individual modules or work in conjunction to provide you with an enterprise quality network security software solution.

  • Event Log Collection, Monitoring, Auditing, and Reporting
  • Active Directory Management and Domain Management Software
  • Access Control, User Logon / Logoff Policy Management, and User Logon Tracking
Event Alarm for Log Monitoring Event Archiver for Log Collection and Centralization Event Rover to Review and Mine Log Data Event Analyst for Log Reporting

For more on which components of our event log collection software will best meet your needs, take a look at our Event Log Management Solution Configurator. Or. for more specific ideas on event log management strategies, visit our separate information resource at www.eventlogs.com.