Dorian Software – Makers of Event Log Management, Active Directory, Domain Management, and Windows Security Software …

Dorian Software Creations, Inc. is a leading developer of network security software utilities for Microsoft-based networks worldwide. Providing easy to use tools that networks of all sizes can leverage continues to be a cornerstone of its mission.

Founded in 1997 with its flagship product Event Archiver, Dorian Software Creations, Inc. now provides comprehensive event log management software and other network and Active Directory management solutions to government agencies and leading companies globally. With unparalleled support and attention to the evolving needs of Windows network security and the people who power the networks, the Dorian Software Creations name promises, with each new customer, strong Windows security software and ev ent log management solutions and reliability.

Though it provides a number of network security software solutions, Dorian Software is best known as a leading provider of event log management titles with its Total Event Log Management Solution for Windows event log management.

Dorian’s acclaimed event log tools and utilities for the complete network security software package include:

  • Event Rover: For log sorting, viewing, and on-the-fly auditing and forensics.
  • Event Alarm: For Windows event log and syslog monitoring and notification.
  • Event Analyst: Fast reporting tools for event log data.
  • Event Archiver: Automated consolidation and collection of all event logs – going beyond just the security event log.

Whether looking to Dorian’s event log software for a fresh approach to event log consolidation and maintenance, or looking to Ultra Admin for easier Active Directory and domain management , network security professionals continually return to Dorian for easy-to-use event log software and rapid return on investment.