Our Support Service Options

Our customers are continually surprised with our level of support and the attention to detail we provide. We confirm with every new customer the knowledge that each network is different – each requiring a level of flexibility not just in the software itself, but the way in which we handle our customers’ concerns as well.

More and more, guaranteed reliability in the use of enterprise software is important to network professionals. This is why we are taking our one-on-one, personalized approach to customer support a step further with carefully structured support services that reflect our customers’ variety of needs.

All of our licensed customers receive the Dorian Silver Support Service free of charge upon purchase of any of our software titles. We also offer an upgrade service which guarantees hassle-free upgrades and maintenance of your software implementation through our Annual Upgrade Service which is available at only 20% of your software investment.

This annually renewable service can be activated at the time of your purchase to take advantage of the latest features for the coming year. Then, at the end of that year, you may choose to renew this same service to protect your implementation for 20% of the total investment of software at that time. There are no complicated calculations required for renewal of your service – simply 20% of the latest available pricing of your implementation.

Finally, for those who need guaranteed support options with phone capability, we offer the Gold and Platinum Support Services.

Details concerning the services are listed below. Meanwhile, for more information on putting a service in place for your existing or future implementation, please contact us at sales@doriansoft.com or complete our online quote request.

Dorian Silver Support Service
Free to all customers

Up to 5 separate support sessions per year per implementation.
Email based support via Support Center.
Unlimited Knowledge Base use.
Unlimited Support Library access.
Bug protection.
Guaranteed support sessions opened in less than 48 hours.
Software quality assured.
Dorian Upgrade Service Only
20% of your software investment

Entitles you to upgrades to your software for a period of one year from your purchase.
An active and up-to-date upgrade service lessens your recovery time in the event of a network crisis.
Protects your investment from unexpected loss or damage.
Provides additional protection from compatibility issues and obsolescence.
Renewable annually.
Dorian Gold Support Service
25% of your software investment
and includes the following:

Up to 10 separate support sessions per year per implementation.
Support is handled via Support Center and via phone on an appointment basis.
General post-evaluation configuration questions.
Includes annual upgrade service.
Renewable annually.
Dorian Platinum Support Service
30% of your software investment.
For UltraAdmin ®, $99 per software user (find out more about service for UltraAdmin users).
This service includes the following:

Up to 50 support sessions per year (per 1000 licenses).
Top priority support service.
Service includes advice on implementing nonstandard configurations and phone-based installation walkthroughs if required.
Perfect for large enterprise, first-time implementations.
After filing a support request, a ticket is guaranteed to be opened as soon as a support technician is available or within 24 hours, whichever is sooner.
User has choice as to email or phone contact once support session is open.
Includes annual upgrade service.
Renewable annually.