Fortress Desktop for User Logon / Logoff Policy Enforcement

Billions are spent globally to ensure that hackers stay out of networks, transactions are secure, data is encrypted, and that patient and customer information is kept confidential.

Yet, research shows that the majority of security breaches still occur inside the network. And, a very high percentage of those security breaches are the product of a ridiculously simple root cause: Unattended workstations, notebooks, tablets, and servers. Sometimes these machines are left with data in plain view on the screen. Other times, data is easily accessible to an enterprising laptop thief or nosy office mate.

Apart from these security liabilities, substantial sums of already tight IT budget money are wasted every year, because users log on and leave their computers active but unattended. For example, one morning in an environment that utilizes concurrent licenses, a user logs on, opens a few programs, then walks down the hall for a meeting. During that hour or two away from his desk, those licenses at that machine are in use. The session is also utilizing valuable network hardware and bandwidth resources.

Singularly, these problems are well worth addressing if the solution is budget-friendly. Now, consider the combined impact of this simple action across larger enterprise environments both in terms of the security liability and lost resources, and this simple problem is difficult to overlook.

Fortress Desktop, a complete desktop security solution, provides a highly-configurable and tamper resistant system that can limit workstation and server access, guarantee that unattended systems are locked, and make sure idle users are logged off the network. This flexible software solution helps end the security liabilities and squandered resources caused by this otherwise seemingly innocuous everyday threat.

The Fortress Desktop system includes these features and capabilities:

The Idle Logout Screen Saver. This screen saver logs out idle users after an administrator defined period of inactivity. The user must unlock the workstation to prevent being automatically logged out.
The requirement that a password-protected screen saver is always enabled, with a maximum specifiable delay. The Fortress Desktop Client enforces this policy, preventing the user from disabling the screen saver and password protection.
The enforcement of logon / logoff times, with more flexible settings than those offered by standard Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 user management and group policies. Fortress Desktop also lets you specify the duration of a user’s session – for example, a logon session may not last longer than 30 minutes.
The ability to quickly manage Fortress Desktop clients remotely: A Microsoft Windows domain administrator can forcibly log off a user remotely, start a password-protected screen saver on a remote workstation, view workstation and logon session information, and update Fortress Desktop policies on the fly.
The ability to specify different policies based on time of day and/or Windows domain group membership.
The FortLock companion utility provides an extremely easy way to lock or logoff a workstation quickly with a simple desktop button click, taskbar icon click, or press of a hotkey. FortLock therefore empowers and encourages users to adopt good security practices – just imagine the potential headaches that can be avoided with consistently applied security policies and practices among users.
A tamper-resistant architecture. Domain users cannot defeat or override Fortress Desktop mechanisms and cannot terminate Fortress Desktop client processes.
Tracks user activity and idle time in the Windows Event Log. This can help meet security standards for auditing.
A very small memory footprint means no discernable impact on system performance.
Fortress Desktop is conveniently licensed in blocks of Microsoft Windows users. The cost effective structure of the licensing system makes it easy to roll out and enforce security practices in both the on site network as well as for those mobile laptops and tablets. This also makes for convenient license management on networks where the number of active user accounts fluctuates.

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