Service Numbers

Q) What is a Service Number and how do I get one?

A) When our software is purchased, email is sent to an end user (when no end user is provided, the information is sent to a purchasing point of contact) confirming the purchase. Instructions are included in this email as well as a Service Number which confirms the order and is used for future upgrade and support requests. This number is important – it helps us at Dorian Software track your implementation and minimizes confusion especially between implementations which may often be within the same organization.

If you can not locate you or your customer’s original email which includes this information, please email us at sales at doriansoft.com and include your name, your company name, your phone number, the software titles you own, and any other information (such as the name of a purchaser) that might help us locate your implementation in our records. Emailing us via sales at doriansoft.com is the fastest way to enable us to research your issue and track down your Service Number.

Pricing and Software Purchases

Q) I want pricing. Where do I go?

A) The Sales Center at www.doriansoft.com/sales. Just visiting doesn’t require that you buy anything or that you’ll be overwhelmed by software salesmen. In fact, it is the easiest way to understand our software pricing, volume discounts, and how to order.

Also, be sure to check our our Current Promotions section linked there.

Support Service Renewal:

Q) I own more licenses than I am using but only use a portion of them. For example, I have 25 Event Archiver licenses but only need 15. Can I renew service on just the 15?

A) No. Keep in mind that renewing all of your licensing – which usually only costs a fraction more – protects your investment and saves money when you inevitably need the licenses in the future.

Q) I own two software titles. I no longer use one, but I do use the other. Can I renew some titles but not others I own?

A) If you purchased the titles individually and separately, yes. If you purchased the suite, you may renew a portion of the titles, but the renewal will not be calculated at the discounted cost. We don’t recommend this – for most customers, it would be unwise from a budget and cost standpoint to renew service on titles at a higher cost.

Software Upgrades:

Q) How can I tell if I’m running the latest version available of a software title?

A) Visit www.doriansoft.com/upgrade. We always post the latest build numbers in the top right of the screen. Compare that with the version listed via your Help menu.

Q) How do I upgrade the software?

A) You must have an active support service – Annual Upgrade, Gold, or Platinum – in place to be eligible. If you do, and before you do anything else, submit a request via www.doriansoft.com/upgrade. We will respond with instructions that you must follow for a successful and hassle-free upgrade.

Software Support:

Q) How do I contact technical support?

A) Visit www.doriansoft.com/support and have your Service Number ready.

In *all* situations, we’ve found that the fastest resolution to support issues starts with a support ticket started online at www.doriansoft.com/support. Why? Because information is provided via our form-based ticket system that gets most if not all of our questions about your environment and configuration answered. With more information, we provide faster and more accurate answers.

Otherwise, Platinum Support Service customers can call our dedicated technical support phone line at 678.222.3499.

If you are an existing customer, do not call or contact your initial sales contact here – that will only further delay resolution of your issue.

Q) I probably don’t need to contact support and can resolve my issues with a little more reading – where are your self-help resources?

A) Everyone has free use of our Knowledge Base at www.doriansoft.com/knowledgebase – this is often the resource we use here to resolve issues about which we’re contacted. In addition, our Support Library at www.doriansoft.com/support/library provides access to commonly sought software documentation as well as assistance with installation, configuration, and registration.