Event Rover: Effortless Event Log Sorting and Viewing

Event Rover ® changes the way network administrators view event logs – whether viewed routinely or in emergency investigatory scenarios.

The most noticeable feature Event Rover delivers to an administrator’s desktop is the effortless sorting and filtering of log files into a tree view. Indeed, this functionality represents a shift in the event log paradigm – because event log files grow so rapidly and to such a large size, the old method of reviewing log files in merely their linear, chronological form is practically obsolete for networks of any size.

Every administrator needs an efficient tool for sorting and reviewing event log files without the clumsy clicking and dragging required in event log viewer and without investing in the bells and whistles of a larger enterprise package.

Event Rover provides the additional assurance that routine review or spot audits will not affect the integrity of log file stores – all review is done with a local copy of the log file. No tampering with or clearing of the original log file occurs with Event Rover. This is particularly important to those with larger, enterprise event log management packages who routinely do spot checks and review of log data.

Used independently, or as a companion to Dorian’s Total Event Log Management Suite components – Event Alarm ®, Event Archiver ®, and Event Analyst ® – Event Rover is yet another flexible and powerful tool for networks of all sizes.