Event Analyst for Automated Event Log Reporting and Correlation

Event Analyst ® enables a network professional to easily filter through stores of log file data for specific event logs and then view, filter, export, and report on those events of interest. The capability to efficiently search vast amounts of log data and report the findings is vital to the health of any network security conscious business or government agency. In fact, it is a central component in any security or event log management strategy, and for most regulatory compliance efforts.

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Includes Reports Ready for Use
In addition to supplying prepackaged, specialized log reports, Event Analyst allows users to generate log data reports on any filtered event log entries. Event Analyst’s clear, printer-friendly HTML reports are invaluable for explaining network phenomena to managers and providing network security information to law enforcement agencies.

Charting capability and compliance oriented reports further simplify the process of quickly filtering through and understanding event data.
Event Analyst is Part of Our Total Solution for Windows Event Log and Sys Log Management

Custom Reporting Capability for What Isn’t Already Included
And, if Event Analyst doesn’t already include reports for the data you need, custom reporting and correlation capability has been expanded.

Rest assured that you can access, report, and correlate the data that auditors demand.

A Variety of Logs, A Variety of Formats
Like the other components in our Total Event Log Management Solution, Event Archiver ® and Event Alarm ® , Event Analyst does not focus on merely one type of log file – it works with the security log and much more. Also, Event Analyst is adept at reading from and exporting to a variety of different data formats. Event Analyst can view, filter, convert between, and report on information from active computers, saved EVT / EVTX log files, comma-delimited text files, and Event Archiver compatible tables in Microsoft Access and ODBC databases.

And now, Event Analyst can automatically index and configure tables when connected to an Event Archiver database in Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL. This makes implementation and routine use of Event Analyst even faster and more efficient.

Not a Log Forensics Expert (Yet)?
No problem. With predefined filters and event research capability, you don’t have to be an EVT and EVTX log file expert. Utilizing the Event Research Window and by way of www.eventlogs.com, users can decipher event log files and get recommendations for related Event Analyst Summary Reports.

Be sure to visit www.eventanalyst.com for a more in-depth look at Event Analyst’s features and capabilities or view supporting documentation in our Support Library.