Event Alarm for agent optional Windows event log and syslog monitoring and notification

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Event Alarm ® is an easy-to-configure network security software application that can alert network personnel the moment specific events happen throughout the network. Running behind the scenes as a set of Windows services, Event Alarm constantly watches over event log files, immediately notifying you at the first sign of trouble with email or by forwarding to the syslog server. It helps network security professionals meet regulatory compliance or internal security standards as they relate to log file management, while freeing up the resources to approach network administration more proactively.

Event Alarm Part of Our Total Solution For Windows Event Log Monitoring and Syslog Server Notification

Event Alarm offers the network administrator a wide range of event log notification options including email alerts, network pop-ups, pager calls, syslog server forwarding, database insertion, or broadcast notifications throughout the domain to administrators running Event Alarm’s custom notification program. Flexibility is a major strength of Event Alarm where options for custom notification are many and alarms can easily be grouped. Conveniently keep an eye out for that one log file type or multiple event IDs.

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Event Alarm ships with more than one hundred pre-defined alarms, making selection of those EVT and EVTX / Windows Server 2008 / Windows Vista events even easier. And, Event Alarm is not just a security log software or SEM package that merely focuses on one log type, such as the security event log. It supports standard Windows event logs as well as the syslog, providing a comprehensive approach to network security and event log monitoring. Licensing is based on Windows machines generating logs ( Windows Server 2008 or Windows XP workstations, for example) to be managed. Syslog support is unlimited and free with any licensed implementation of Event Alarm.

In addition, Event Alarm is an agent optional event log monitor. Most of its features and functions can run automatically with preset definitions and event log notifications. This gives network security professionals the ability to solve critical problems when they occur without manually sifting through the event logs or syslogs. And, with Event Alarm 6 and above, monitoring the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista logs can be just as easy as watching those old EVT files.

Finally, users can quickly deploy a single and consistent security log monitoring strategy across a wide array of different Microsoft operating systems, despite the complete renumbering of security event identifiers in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.

Used alone, or coupled with another of our event log consolidation or log audit software tools – Event Archiver ® or Event Analyst ® – Event Alarm provides seamless log data management across EVT and EVTX logs with a minimum of system resources. Begin your no-cost 30-day evaluation now.