Dorian Software Milestones

3/27/2009 Dorian announces teaming agreement with Blue Tech, Inc. on federal government sales.

3/4/2009 Dorian launches revolutionary academic licensing program to assist schools and universities in log file management and auditing.

1/27/2009 Dorian announces that 2008 produced the highest annual sales revenue in its history.

9/3/2008 Event Alarm ® 6 is released, marking completion of EVTX capability across Dorian’s flagship log management software titles.

8/13/2008 Dorian Software announces completed integration of its exclusive LogRefiner technology across its flagship log management tools.

7/16/2008 Dorian posts highest quarterly sales revenue in its more than ten year history.

6/24/2008 Dorian dramatically expands log correlation and custom reporting capability – as well as EVTX compatibility – with the release of Event Analyst ® 7.

5/13/2008 Dorian’s Importer companion utility for Event Archiver ® is released to the public. Though already in use for years at a limited number of customer sites, wider log management market need now demands Importer’s ability to ease log collection burdens for WANs and ultra secure networks.

2/19/2008 Dorian Software announces the release of UltraAdmin ® 6 – which features Dorian’s exclusive LogRefiner technology for greater log viewing capability as well as compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows Server ® 2008. Best of all for end users, Dorian is now making UltraAdmin available to networks everywhere at no charge.

10/24/2007 Event Analyst 6 is launched. Dorian’s groundbreaking LogRefiner technology is included just as network security professionals begin to understand the impact of the EVTX log format on the industry.

6/20/2007 Event Archiver 7 is launched. Exclusive LogRefiner technology makes Event Archiver the first of Dorian’s log file management suite to be ready for the EVTX file format. Major enhancements to existing technology also help to make it an even safer bet for small, medium, and large enterprises still on the standard EVT format but perhaps looking to move to the EVTX format.

4/12/2007 The first blog entry is posted at – a forum where Dorian’s Development Department encourages discussion about eventing and the Microsoft Windows ® Event Log.

3/19/2007 Event Alarm 5 is released. New capabilities include faster event log scanning and more efficient management of log file volume.

12/26/2006 The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues patent number 7,155,514 to Dorian for its event log management technology.

11/3/2006 Processor Magazine, in an article about the new release of Event Archiver, calls it a “timesaver” that “enhances the ability to comply with a variety of regulations more effectively.”

9/20/2006 Event Archiver ® 6 is launched. Automatic database maintenance is a component of the release, easing the pain that administrators face when implementing and maintaining event log collection and SEM databases.

8/22/2006 Dorian Software announces availability of additional Express Packs – putting enterprise quality SEM and event log management tools within reach of smaller enterprises. Three Express Pack offers are available at

6/7/2006 Dorian Software releases Event Analyst® 5. The new version features more reports, an improved custom report designer, and CSV format reporting capability.

4/19/2006 UltraAdmin® 5 is launched. This new version of the acclaimed domain management tool includes anti – spyware tools as well as more robust domain object reporting capability.

11/2/2005 Event Alarm® 4 is launched – its enhancements include rapid configuration capability.

10/1/2005 Dorian Software is named as a player in the SIM market in an SC Magazine feature – confirming and expanding on Dorian’s role in SEM and Dorian’s approach to total management of event logs and syslogs.

8/25/2005 Event Analyst 4.5 is released – enhancements include file and folder access and deletion reporting.

8/2/2005 Event Archiver 5 is released – its enhancements include “leave-a-copy” collection.

5/23/2005 Event Rover is launched, providing a revolutionary way for security professionals to view and mine event log data for forensics and routine review.

5/19/2005 Dorian Software announces the availability of the Dorian Express Pack – a convenient and more cost effective way for smaller networks or network segments to implement an enterprise quality log management solution.

4/4/2005 Event Analyst 4.0 is released – expanding event log filtering and reporting capability with new reports and charting.

2/22/05 Fortress Desktop ® 4.0 is launched, expanding Dorian’s family of network security tools into the Logon Policy Management and Enforcement market.

1/24/05 Dorian Software Creations, Inc. announces the acquisition of the enterprise security tool formerly known as Fortress NT / 2000. An upcoming relaunch of Fortress titled Fortress Desktop is set for early 2005.

11/1/04 Windows IT Pro Magazine names Dorian’s Event Log Management Suite a “best of breed” event log management solution.

7/27/04 Dorian Software releases Event Analyst 3.5.

5/19/04 Dorian Software announces release of the Auditing Volume Analyzer, a freeware designed for network administrators to better estimate the volume of event log data being generated by their networks.

5/13/04 Event Archiver 4.3 is released.

3/1/04 Event Alarm 3.1 is launched, expanding on network monitoring capabilities. Reduced false positive generation and flexible alarm customization and grouping are among the new features.

1/20/04 Dorian Software launches a separate resource for information on event logs and log management strategies at

11/13/03 Event Analyst 3.1 is released – providing the latest network security capabilities in event log analysis.

8/21/03 declares UltraAdmin 4.0 “well written and worth the investment” in a thorough review entitled “Simplify Server Administration With UltraAdmin.”

7/16/03 UltraAdmin 4.0 – with extensive domain reporting capability – is launched.

3/5/2003 Event Archiver 4.0 is released.

11/21/2002 Event Analyst 2.0 is released.

9/9/2002 UltraAdmin Version 3.0 is unveiled.

8/9/2002 Event Archiver and UltraAdmin are again named finalists in the 2002 Sunbelt Software Target Awards sponsored by W2K News – marking the second year for Event Archiver and the third year in a row for UltraAdmin.

7/1/2002 Event Archiver is featured as a suggested event management software for log collection in Microsoft’s own “Security Operations Guide for Windows 2000 Server.”

6/5/2002 New dramatic discounts in workstation pricing for the event log management solutions are announced, providing yet another reason for users to protect their workstations in addition to focusing on server security.

5/13/2002 Expanding on an already powerful suite of event log management solutions, Event Alarm 2.0.25 – featuring syslog support – is released.

10/30/2001 Dorian Software Creations Inc. Sponsors
Washington Technology’s Security and Information Assurance Seminar in Falls Church VA.

10/17/01 Event Alarm 1.2.11 is launched.

9/20/01 Event Archiver is featured in W2kNews.

9/18/01 Windows 2000 magazine declares that “Dorian Software Delivers” with Event Archiver and Event Analyst.

9/18/01 Event Archiver is named as another of Sunbelt Software’s “best of breed” software tools offered worldwide.

7/14/01 Event Archiver and UltraAdmin are both named finalists in the 2001 Sunbelt Software Target Awards sponsored by W2K News.

5/8/01 UltraAdmin is highlighted as an “uber-management tool” and an alternative to Active Directory in a ZDNet commentary.

11/30/00 Professional Networks Ltd becomes the first European-based distributor of the entire Dorian product line, placing Dorian among other software manufacturers who they believe “produce the best Windows NT add-ons.”

10/9/00 Event Analyst 1.2 – the latest in Dorian’s network security and event management software offering – is launched.

10/5/00 Dorian Software Creations is listed on GSA’s IT Solutions schedule.

9/1/00 UltraAdmin is featured in the Windows 2000 System Administrator’s Black Book.

8/1/00 Dispro Software becomes the first in South America to distribute the entire Dorian product line from the event management software to the domain administration tool, UltraAdmin.

7/4/00 UltraAdmin and Event Archiver both receive the Five Palms Application of the Week award from

7/3/00 UltraAdmin chosen as a WUGNET Pick of the Week


6/5/00 ZDNet gives Event Archiver 3.2 a five star rating – their highest.

5/24/00 gets a facelift.

5/16/00 Network Computer Software becomes the first to distribute the entire Dorian product line – including all its event management software – to Australia.

2/15/00 Event Archiver Enterprise 3.0 is released to the general public with many new features, such as database integration, centralized management, and centralized collection.

1/21/00 UltraAdmin is selected by IDG Books as a featured tool to be distributed in their upcoming title, the Windows 2000 Server Bible.

11/8/99 UltraAdmin is labeled a “best of breed” Windows NT/2000 utility by Sunbelt Software and is added to their product line.

8/20/99 UltraAdmin version 1.2 is released to the general public.

2/10/99 Final application design framework is finished for UltraAdmin, a utility promising to become one of the easiest and powerful utilities for multidomain administration in NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.

1/27/99 Event Archiver 2.x receives a very favorable review on Windows NT Magazine’s web site.

6/5/98 Event Archiver – the first of Dorian’s event management software – wins four stars from Ziff-Davis’ reviewers.