DITSCAP Compliance and the Dorian Software Total Event Log Management Solution

In addition to US government regulations already affecting both the private and public sectors – such as HIPAA – the DITSCAP acronym has found its way into the vocabulary of IT professionals and contractors doing business in and with the US government.

The Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) includes groups of activities and tasks that must be performed for the life cycle of any existing or soon to be upgraded DoD system that is collecting, storing, transmiting, or processing either unclassified or classified information.

Compliance with DITSCAP is an ongoing process that demands attention in both system and software evaluation, acquisition, implementation, and use. Event log collection, consolidation, and storage play critical roles in building systems that are procedurally DITSCAP compliant. In addition, ensuring that log stores retain their integrity and “auditability” over time is critical.

All of Dorian’s event log management software can be wise choices in planning for DITSCAP compliance. For example, health care contractors working within the government sector are already looking to Dorian Software’s event log management tools for DITSCAP compliant securing of DoD health record information.

Event Archiver is of particular interest to such DITSCAP compliance hopefuls, because it automates event log collection, consolidation, and storage. Event Analyst is also of interest because it provides a way by which these growing log stores will be filtered and searched. Event Alarm can also be of assistance as part of an overall real-time security monitoring plan in a broader DITSCAP compliance strategy.